Essay on Followership

Colleges, universities, and scholarly think-tanks generate countless volumes on leadership and followers in relationship to leaders. Seldom do these well endowed institutions consider leaders in relationship to followers, from a followers perspective. As the study of followership evolves, its import on organizational growth grows exponentially.

Historically, followers were considered workers doing the bidding of supervisors and managers. Hierarchy shared only enough information for a worker to do, generally, his job. The worker had no idea how his piece fit into the whole. This industrial age thinking was agriculture essay appropriate in the mid nineteenth and early twentieth century as masses of generally less educated farmers and farm workers left agriculture for a more secure life style in growing industrial cities.

Not only adults entered the industrial work arena, but also businesses employed children as young as pre-teen in dangerous and potentially deadly jobs. Without lengthy belaboring of child labor and multiple incidents of death and dismemberment that lead to strict child labor laws, it is important that there is a link between the agricultural migration to cities and child labor laws. The puzzle pieces are complex and fitting them into an exact pattern is difficult, yet as part of the final analysis, the pieces lead to the establishment of public school systems and required minimum education standards. Over time, public secondary schools, and public colleges began providing advanced educational opportunities to more masses of people.

Workers receiving more education began questioning supervisors and managers who sensed their authority over workers shrinking. Workers began knowing and understanding their organization and knowing and understanding their place in their organization.

Perhaps an example from the text Atomic: Reforming the business landscape into the new structures of tomorrow1 will provide a meaningful glimpse of change. Most scholars cite Martin Luther as the prime mover of religious reform, the Protestant Reformation. It is true that Martin Luther was highly significant for many reasons including translating the bible into the language of the people. However, another person about 75 years earlier had a different role that was perhaps more formidable.

About 1455, Gutenberg, with his movable type printing press, produced the first print bible. Rather than waiting years for a monk to transcribe a bible, manually, word for word, Gutenberg could set type and reproduce hundreds of pages in days. Suddenly, people who could read, could obtain a print bible. No longer dependent on clergy in the pulpit to interpret scriptural meaning, the power of the clergy was broken. Workers receiving an education broke the power of supervisors and managers similarly.

Martin Luther and Gutenberg did not cause the collapse of religion, they changed the face of it. People of faith did not stop being faithful, how they practiced their faith changed. Workers did not bring down organizations, they changed the face of management. Workers continued to work; however, how they worked changed.

Significant change in religious practice and worker behavior did not occur from a top down pronouncement. Rather, the significant changes occurred from the bottom up, from the follower who became aware that something needed change. In the mid 1800s in England and early 1900s in the U.S., sociologists and psychologists began studying something called leadership. Leadership was radically different from management ideas of command and control.

These early studies began telling managers that Machiavellian practices of power over workers were not satisfactory to gain worker compliance. They began teaching that workers do so because they want to contribute to the success of an organization. Past thinking emphasized that organizations exist for people, so they have a place to work. New thinking began emphasizing that organizations exist because of people who work because they want to.

Leadership was first defined about 1815, and, as already cited, studies of leadership began in the mid 1800s. About 1925, one hundred years after leadership as an idea appeared, the first reference to followership occurred. Defining followership sounds similar to a childhood game called “follow the leader.” Followers are an extension of their leaders.

Although these teachings were early leadership insights, they were still top down, applicable in the industrial age. Contemporary business is not industrial in 2008 as it was in 1908 and through the end of World War II. Moreover, technological advances make information available to huge populations over the internet, organizational intranets, and extranets. The idea of supervisors and managers withholding information seems unimaginable in today’s corporations. The internet today is the Gutenberg printing press of 1455.

The shift to followership studies is seen in recent organizational studies that focus to the meaningful work of followers in organizations. Numbers vary, but researchers generally believe that about 75 to 90 percent of organizational accomplishments occur within follower groups who receive about ten percent of the acknowledgement. The research also assessed leaders work in organizations. Although leaders hold position and title, most spend approximately 70 percent of their work day in follower roles.

Mountain Bike Reviews – Finding a Trustworthy Source

When you are ready to purchase a mountain bike, if you are like most mountain bikers, you start reading mountain bike reviews. You may have found, however, that not all mountain bike reviews are accurate – or even honest! The fact of the matter is that some dealers and even manufacturers actually pay people to write good reviews – of bikes that the reviewer has never even had the opportunity to ride!

There are countless sites that carry reviews of various mountain bikes. Some of the sites are very dependable and others simply cannot be counted on. It’s hard for the average mountain biker to know who to believe – beginner bikers who have yet to make their first mountain bike purchase don’t stand a chance!

If you are looking for reviews, stick to the sites and publications that can be counted on for accurate and valuable information. Most print publications have accurate reviews. When reading one of these reviews, it is important to look on the edges of the page for very tiny print that says ‘advertisement.’ If you see that, you can be sure that this is not a real review you are reading. It is an advertisement disguised as a review. Its purpose is to get you to buy the bike – not to point out both the pros and the cons! Move on!

When looking for reviews online, stick to the better known online magazines such as Singletrack, GearHead, Mountain Bike Review, and Mountain Bike. These are the online magazines that will give you the most accurate information in terms of reviews. You will also find the latest mountain biking news, as well as quite a bit of information on races and trails. These four websites are vitally important to serious bikers.

Of course the best reviews are the ones that you get from other bikers, in person. When you see a mountain biker on the trail riding a bike that you are interested in, take the time to talk to them. Tell them that you are planning to purchase that particular bike, and ask them what they like about it, and what they don’t like. Find groups of mountain bikers in the parks, and try to talk to them when they are taking a break. This way, you won’t be interfering with their ride, and you can get several different ‘in person’ reviews.

Ask as many questions as you possibly can – but try not to keep irritate them by keeping them from enjoying their ride. After speaking with them – or before – sit back and watch them ride. You aren’t watching their technique – although that may be interesting – what you want to watch for is how well the bike handles. Seeing the bike in action is the second best review that you can possibly have – the first best review you can get is your very own review!

As your interest in a particular bike grows, you will want to try one out for yourself. You can test ride bikes that are for sale in bike shops, but you can’t really put them through the motions well enough in a ‘test ride’ situation to learn what you need to know. Your best option is to test ride a friend’s bike. Take it out for a day, and see what it can do in relation to what you can do with it. Give it a great workout, and by the end of the day, you will know enough about the bike to write your very own review.

Marketing Funnels

Wonder how Marketing Funnels can increase business

People have asked about Marketing Funnels and what they are and do they really need them for their business. By the end of this article you will be able to answer the questions, do I need a one for my business, do I have one for my business and how to make one. Am I right? Did I leave anything out? Do you have any questions? clickfunnels special offer

Questions about Marketing Funnels answered

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Do I have a Marketing Funnel in my Business?

Do I need a Marketing Funnel in my Business?

How do I create a Marketing Funnel?

You may be fairly new to online marketing, social media and how they all play a role in building your, business, your relationship building and building trust with potential customers. How do they play a role in creating online income for your business?

What is Marketing Funnels? It is a process of attracting people, customers, or prospects to your product or services. It acts like a guide to help you create multiple streams of income for your business. The Marketing Funnel refers to the path that people may take to become your customers. The top of the funnel captures site visitors. As visitors move through your funnel, they pass through various different levels (such as signing up for a newsletter and requesting a free trial etc.) The end of the funnel involves a completed conversion, turning people into customer, or prospects.

Do I have Marketing Funnels for my home business?

You are the only one who can answer this question, I don’t know your business, what you have on you website or even if you have a website. Without an online Marketing Funnel you will not be able to tap into the big potential of income that is out there to be earned. Here are a few things to think about to help you decide if you do have one in your business. Do you have a website? Do you have existing customers? Are you publishing articles? Blogging? Are your creating videos for your business? Attending Network Marketing events?

The not so secret to extraordinary financial success in MLM is attracting prospects to your business, products or services or website. You need visitors to your website to make money in your business. That’s why you’re in business, right? You don’t want to leave any money just lying on the table; I know that I don’t like leaving money on the table. So YES it is important to have one in your home business, online business, and network marketing business. If you don’t have one you really need to start creating one now!

How do I get these Marketing Funnels?

First you need to get traffic, leads, customers or prospects to your products or services to your website. I have listed a few methods to completing this; you need a website or lead capture page and a system for collecting these names like an auto-responder, and online social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc.) article writing and then submit these articles to several different online article websites, networking marketing events are just a few ideas.

How a Professional Office Moving Company Prevents Data Breaches

Moving your office or data center is far more complex and challenging than moving your residence. This is because mission critical information is at risk during each point of the move, which opens the door to data breaches inside your company. If an office move isn’t handled appropriately, your business could face overwhelming consequences.

Make sure you use a professional office moving company that is compliant with all federal and state records management laws. These companies can help you move your office using secure procedures, and limit the risks and liabilities of a data breach. Even with the assistance of these professional office movers, there are still steps you must take to protect your sensitive data and your business before the move.

Select a Project Manager
Assigning a team member to oversee the entire move is crucial during your office relocation. This experienced and knowledgeable person can help with the pre-planning process, coordinate with the office mover, and manage any relocation issues that might arise.

Eliminate Obsolete Technology and Office Items
Avoid moving old technology, equipment, and office furniture that you don’t use to the new location. Go through your office and locate San Diego Movers unwanted networking equipment, computers, printers, phones, furniture, and copiers that can be destroyed or donated. Your office moving company may have a disposal service that can remove and dispose of the items for you.

Use a Secure Chain of Custody
Your confidential business, customer, vendor, and employee data must be moved safely and smartly as well. A secure chain of custody ensures that all paper documents and files in your office are relocated without the risks of a data breach.

A professional office moving company will use industry-leading chain of custody protocols throughout the relocation, while still making your move as efficient as possible. These procedures include moving your records with gondolas that are wrapped in plastic with security seals, and giving the authority to cut the seal to only one person.

Advantages of Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casino games are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos. The draw is understandable. You get an even more real feel of a casino from the comfort of home. You can choose from a variety of tables with a few quick clicks. There is still no peer pressure from other gamblers who watch your every move. And, you get to interact with a real one of them.

Online casinos are great for beginning gamblers because all the pressure is off when playing at home. สมัครเล่นไพ่ออนไลน์ You still have less pressure with live dealer casino games than a land-based casino. These dealer games are provided through a video feed from real casinos. Casinos that accept US players include BetPhoenix, 5 Dimes, Bogart Casino, JustBet, Oddsmaker and Island Casino. The games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more.

These dealer games give you the feel of a real casino without all the distractions and pressure of a real casino. You won’t have to wait as long to join a table because the casino has a set number of tables designated for live dealer games set off from the gaming floor, usually in a separate room. The dealer is ready for your every bet. There is usually a time limit on bets, since other players at the online casinos will be playing with you at the table. Another big advantage of these live dealer casino games is that you can be assured your money is safe if the casino you select for online gambling is certified by a third party regulator like eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). Casinos certified by eCOGRA have very secure encryption measures, similar to that of banking institutions.

Now that you know all the benefits of live dealer games, it’s time to try them out. For more information on the best gambling sites and online casinos,

Hiring an Airport Transportation Service

With the boom in the transportation industry and so many car services, transportation companies and rentals out there picking out a single company to hire can be quite a challenge. How do you know which company provides the best services? Which company returns the value of your money? And most importantly, how can you be sure if you are getting the most reasonable, affordable prices out there?

There are a few pointers and a few guidelines that you airport transportation service can keep in mind when hiring an airport transportation service. Consider the following:

· Doing your homework

Yes, that is extremely important. You do not want to base your transportation service choice by picking the first name that you see in the yellow pages. You should do a little research and a little bit of homework beforehand. If you see a service in the paper and think it suitable, look it up online or call to make inquiries. Asking around from colleagues and friends is also a great idea especially those who have used airport transportation services before.

· Ask questions

It is natural to have questions and your right as a paying customer to ask the concerned authorities regarding your queries. If you require a particular model of a limousine or a sedan or a town car to be your transportation you should ask the concerned company if that would be possible. Similarly, do not hesitate in inquiring about anything else that might be a matter of concern for you.

· Safety first

As with everything else, your safety should be your priority. You should know about the kind of drivers that the company has employed and if they have a good ‘track’ record. Similarly, always go for transportation which is insured, licensed and bonded. That would guarantee that you are hiring a professional service. Moreover, always inquire after the company’s insurance policies so that you should know how to proceed just in case something goes wrong while on the road.

· Look for professionalism

You are paying real, hard-earned money for your airport transportation. A professional and reliable service would make sure that you receive the value of your money from their services. Everything has to be of high-end quality. It should not matter if you have hired an airport limousine or a taxi to be your choice of transportation. Each mode of transportation should be comfortable, quality and should put you at ease.

There is not a single comprehensive guideline of do’s and don’ts when hiring airport transportation. However, the above pointers should help you make the right choice by looking for things in airport transportation service that are important and which matter.


Casino Games Will Improve Your Gambling Experience

You know you’ve got the gambling itch but you’re just not sure how to go about choosing the right casino games to play. While all of the games you’ll find involve gambling of one type of another, there is such a wide variety of choices in most casinos that everyone can pick one that best fits their own personality and desires.

The first decision to be made in choosing the right casino game is to determine just how much time and effort you’re willing to put into the game. Are you just looking for something entertaining to do for the day? Or do you want to study the way the game works and spend time practicing and learning in order to improve your chances of winning?

If you’re just into the games as a way to pass the time, I’d suggest concentrating on the casino games that rely strictly on luck, with little or no reliance on skill in order to win. These games will also offer you the สมัครไพ่เสือมังกร advantage of not having to make many, if any, decisions along the way. Unfortunately, most of these games offer the highest advantages to the house so your chances of winning over an extended period of time are slim.

But having admitted that you won’t spend a lot of time studying or practicing a game makes the task of choosing the right casino game for you a much easier task. You’ll look for games that require no real thinking other than how much to bet and often which numbers, or color, to pick. The most popular classic games to consider here are roulette and slot machines.

With slot machines the only real decisions to be made are how much to bet and how long you want to spend watching the wheels spin. While there are more choices to be made at roulette (red or black, odd or even, one number or a group of numbers, etc), once the bet has been made there’s nothing left to do but watch the little ball spin around the wheel. Other good choices here might include keno and baccarat.

Choosing the right casino games gets more complicated if you’re willing to study and practice to improve your odds of winning. The added incentive here is the fact that these games also offer some of the lowest house advantages giving you, the knowledgeable player, an excellent chance of winning over the long run.

With only a few exceptions, most of these choices are card games where the higher your skill level, the better your odds will be of winning. The two most obvious selections would be blackjack and poker, most commonly the sensationally entertaining Texas Hold ’em variety. The classic game of blackjack, of course, has a legendary reputation as a game of skill, especially for those willing to dedicate the time to become an expert on counting cards.

If card games don’t appeal to you, the clear choice of a game where knowledge and experience are important is craps. With an almost unlimited array of betting opportunities and a fast moving and boisterous pace, this is another game where the house advantage on many bets is as low as you’ll find anywhere in the casino.

Don’t underestimate the importance of spending adequate time analyzing yourself and the variety of choices available before choosing the right casino game for you. Your enjoyment of the gambling experience, and your chances of actually winning, can improve dramatically simply by selecting the game that fits your personality, your budget and the time and energy you have available to learn more than just the basics.

Cary Clark is an avid traveler and prolific writer who has written extensively for newspapers, travel magazines and city walking guides. Over a 30 year period of frequent trips to Las Vegas he has also developed a love for, and a detailed understanding of, casino games. Now a regular contributor for Casino-Affairs, an online casino guide []; where you’ll find the latest gambling updates, best payout online casino [], best casino odds and sports betting.


Quick Review Of Casino Action

This is a quick review of the Casino Action online casino, a site that offers some of the top quality online casino games available. This site is mainly characterized by its great promotional offers of casino rewards, hassle free banking facilities, security of fair play, progressive jackpots and a wide variety of featured casino games. Casino Action is regarded as one of the top ranking casino games played in the world.

Casino Action contains around 439 games to choose from. The three most popular among them are Mermaids Million, Big Top and French Roulette. Mermaids Million resembles the “Tomb Raider”-video slots สมัครไพ่เสือมังกร game as seen on other casino websites and gives you multiple opportunities to win the jackpot. The Big Top game creates the circus atmosphere and betting starts here with a small amount of ten cents per spin. French Roulette resembles the roulette table in Las Vegas. The game has some of the best graphics and its touch of sophistication makes it somewhat of a favorite among the casino players. The game has around 16 progressive jackpot games which include table games, slots and card games.

At Casino Action, you can expect some handsome promotional offers. The sign-up bonus promotion always gives you a second chance to win the casino bonus. The game is played without any risk to your personal funds. The Casino Rewards VIP loyalty program rewards you VIP points for playing the games. This casino lets you do a quick checking of your account if you desire to do so. As a member of the Casino Rewards Program, Casino Action gives the players the option to join hands and combine their VIP points with any other casino which is a part of the program. A great email notification service confirms any activities made at this casino.

Casino Action offers hassle free banking facilities where you can enjoy more of the game rather than spending time on various formalities as in other casinos. The bank deposits and withdrawal systems are simple and do not require much time. The 24×7 support center gives you full assistance in case you need additional information.

The game accounts for fair play and every step has been taken to see that the players get full security and protection. The players are issued exclusive account numbers with their private passwords. Casino Action employs independently reviewed Random Number Generator (RNG) and the results are published by independent auditors. The privacy policy is tight and there are no records of spam here with only registered players on the games email list. So get ready for gambling – and take back some of the exciting prizes that Casino Action has in store for you


3 Essential Musts For Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door repairs are done on an emergency basis because the only time people do pay attention to their doors is when something is wrong with them. Most homeowners don’t really spend all that time looking over the doors in their garage every day, testing the hinges and watching out for any cracks in the surface. Usually people rush through their garages in a hurry to go somewhere or to go back inside after a day’s work. However, it’s important that you do take the time to inspect your garage, and here are some reasons why:

    • Prevention is better than repair. Don’t wait until the door of your garage gets jammed – usually there are signs that it is on its way to needing a good repair. If you find that your doors are starting to close too slowly for your liking, it could be that the tracks or hinges are succumbing to wear and tear. Doors in garages are used on a daily basis and they are vulnerable to garage door repair near me the elements, so dirt on the tracks or rusty hinges can definitely make them less durable.
    • Inspections can help improve your garage door quality. Material incompatibility is a common reason for seeking garage door repair. While most people don’t see the need for inspections, it can help you determine some areas for concern before they become full-blown problems. Material incompatibility can be detected from inspecting your doors. Some materials like metal or hardwood can be quite heavy, so you will need strong hinges to match. Sometimes, the hinges are of low quality and may not be able to take the strain of the door opening and closing. Your friendly technician will give you advise on part replacements. Having a technician check on your garage doors every once in a while might seem like a waste of money, but remember that a broken door will set you back even more.
  • Maintenance work doesn’t take a lot of effort. Performing maintenance on the doors in your garage can be as simple as oiling the tracks and hinges every now and then, especially during the wintertime. Take care of them and make sure to open or close them gently. These might not seem much, but these will lengthen its lifespan and put off a visit from your local repair service for as long as possible.

Because of negligence, garage doors can break down at the most inconvenient of times. More than a time-waster, broken doors can put you and your family at risk for intruders. Contact companies that specialize in garage door repair to ensure that they stay strong, durable and secure.

Free Online Games – One Activity With Many Benefits

With a huge advancement in the world of technology, more and more people today prefer to spend their time over the web doing different kinds of activities. Going online and playing free online games is one of the most favorite activities millions of people across the world love to do when they have some vacant periods to enjoy. Whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult – online gaming world has a lot to offer to you.

The availability of countless relaxing and brain-stimulating games has made it relatively simpler for everyone to make the most out of the online gaming world.

Although there is also a misconception about these games that they are addictive, this is also true that users can get a chance to enjoy unlimited benefits if games are played by them in moderation. 파워볼사이트 When it comes to children, a kind of extra supervision is required. Here we have mentioned several major benefits of playing free online games.

• Many experts have already agreed on the fact that playing game is a finest way to relax your mind. You can play online games during your break to relax your mind or go with it at the eve after completing all jobs of the day. Many people love to get themselves involved in such games to beat the laziness of the boring hours.
• Playing such games also comes as a wonderful method to promote your learning and stimulate your brain while providing you with an excellent way to have fun. The proper usage of the formulating tactics to win the game helps online gamers to enhance their mental alertness. You can also spot several games designed with educational information like geography and history.
• The development of thinking and creativity skills can surprise you and the people around when you play an online game on regular basis. It also boosts the curiosity, which is known today as one of the most crucial factors in the brain development. You as a player get a chance to find out the solutions of the problem and make your way towards the final destination.
• The promotion of social interaction is another important benefit you will be able to enjoy. With online free games, you get a chance to connect with people from different age groups and nationalities. Yes, with this alternate, it’s easy for you to exchange your ideas with others. This will make your gaming experience more enjoyable than you have ever thought.
• The spirit of teamwork is also cultivated in you when you play free online games with your friends or people with same interests. You would be able to solve a problem collectively while playing multiplayer online games. You as a player get a chance to learn how to work in a team by sharing your ideas with each other.