Learning How to Study Means Better Grades

This may not be the most exciting subject in school. Wait a minute I don’t think this is a subject in school. But it probably should be. You see if you don’t know how to study, better think about learning because you may not do very well in school without good study habits. The following will help to improve your study skills and make you a better student.

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  1. Designate a quiet, clutter-free location to study. It is best to keep one area as the study place. Keep it clean and well stocked with your most used reference materials. To some this may be the computer but whatever reference materials means to you always keep them in this location. Always straighten up when you are finished with the day’s studies so you can start your next study secession on time without having to re-organize your study area.
  2. Set aside enough time to complete your studies. Plan ahead. This means to be aware of what you will be studying that day and approximately how much time you will need to complete everything. This time may change from day to day but always give yourself enough time. Overestimating is much better than underestimating when it come to your time.
  3. Organize your study materials. You have already designated your study area with your computer and any other reference materials that you use most. This is already saving you time. Now make sure you also have all the textbooks, class notes, and anything else you think you will need before starting to study.
  4. Eliminate outside distractions. If you already have everything you need to study as far as reference materials and other study aids go you have eliminated the distraction of having to stopping your study session to look for a book or whatever. Also you want to turn off all of your electronics (except your computer) so that you don’t have to stop to answer a phone or read a text. You can always check for messages later.
  5. Remember to take a break. At time studying can become intense especially with difficult subjects. A short break can really help you refresh so you can complete your studies. Ten to fifteen minutes should be enough. Stretch, go for a short walk, get a snack…but remember to limit your time and get back to your studies.

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