How to Prepare for Your First Date (Man to Man)

Aah…the first date. Nothing will bring more angst than the first time you are preparing to take out your potential dream girl. It’s easy to get caught up in the mood and forget all the little things you wanted to say and/or do. Relax! dating a chinese girl step by step guide to help you on this important evening. If you follow my steps correctly, your first date may be the first in a lifetime of dates.

The first thing you want to do is plan a date that would be mutually enjoyable for you and your date. I’m assuming you read my article on ‘How to have a mini date.’ If you did you would already know through the mini dates what your date likes and dislikes. If you haven’t read that article, shame on you! Go read it! 😉

Seriously, you should know the basics of the woman you’re taking out. Her favorite food, color, flower(s), scent, places to go, topics of interest, movie(s), and extracurricular activities to name a few. Take into account her likes/dislikes when planning the evening.

A first date requires planning. You should try to plan your first date 2-3 days in advance, and if possible, set the date for a weekend. Check the 7 day forecast in your area to make sure that adverse weather won’t affect your evening. A good first date day and time depends on your date, the plans for the evening, and your geographical location. A suitable start time can be anywhere from 7:00-9:00pm. If a weekend is not mutually agreeable, plan it for a day when time won’t be an issue for either party.

Plan your dinner at a restaurant that you’re familiar with, but try to avoid your favorite restaurant. Make reservations where you know the food and service is good, but the staff and management doesn’t know you. It can make for an awkward evening if you go to you and your ex’s favorite place.

When planning your first date beautiful chinese girls you want to implement things she likes, things she would like to try, and things you like, in that order. Be open to try something new, as long it’s related to either you or your dates interest. Remember that women like a man who can take charge and be in control, as long as they don’t try to control them.

Now that you’ve already planned your evening, it’s a good thing to confirm all of the plans the day of the date. First confirm the date with your date, preferably in the late morning to early afternoon. The early afternoon represents a time that is late enough to not disturb your dates beauty rest or previous nights’ activities, yet early enough before they get into their afternoon activities. Between 11 am-1pm is a good time to call.

After confirming the time and meeting place (preferably her house) with your date, take the opportunity to inform her thoroughly of the plans for the evening. Tell her the name and type (cuisine) of restaurant you’re going, the atmosphere (intimate, friendly, loud), the location (city, suburbs, or beach) and what you’re planning on wearing for the date.

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